Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photos Photos Photos

Hello again everyone,
It has been a little over a week and we have done some pretty awesome things so far since moving up to Mass.  I'm sure you all have read about our crazy dance club night. We also had a chance to cross off one of my boxes on my bucket list:  Seeing the Blue Man Group!  What a great show.  I encourage you to go see it if you ever get the chance.

So in addition to all of these fun activities we have captured some pretty amazing shots (if i do say so myself).  Katie and I are entry level photographers currently honing our skills in "The Athens of America" as coined by William Tudor.  Katie has already posted some great shots of Fort Revere Park and I'm sure you will get to see some of her fantastic shots of Boston.  I have so many shots to put up but for now here are some of my favorite shots of the Bean-town Architecture :

A Little Boston Fog

More fog please with the Custom House Tower Clock

Sam Adams... A Patriot (and delicious beer)

Three building back to back looked like a massive fortress

On way to The Blue Man Group

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