Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Arriving and Exploring Fort Revere

 So in the span of a couple of days we all ended our jobs, moved to Massachusetts, and started our new jobs. Luckily my packing wasn't nearly as epic as Drew's and Jenae's (see video below). For one I'm one person. Also my car is the size of a glorified roller skate so I had to pack like a minimalist. The trip up here was an exercise in navigation and trust. Navigation because it's a five hour drive. Trust because my slightly neurotic/OCD/lovable cat Mia found out that just because I was leaving the car for a cup of coffee it did not mean I was abandoning her to the world. Luckily she didn't cry bloody murder the entire way up to Boston. 

We arrived at our new home in small little Abington outside of Boston and set up our new apartment. And the next day, off to explore the world we began! The three of us found ourselves on the beach in Hull, MA and made our way up to Fort Revere Park. It's ironic, at least for me with my love of history, that the first adventure that we took on this trip was to a historical site. Fort Revere is an old military fort dating back to revolutionary times. It provided quite the sights as well! It sits on a hill overlooking the water and town. And for lunch? Seafood of course. I would say that's a good start. 

Check out the pics! Excuse my subpar photography skills. Hopefully that's something that will improve as we progress! 

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