Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Dreams Become Realities

So...a week in Boston and finally I have made my way to the blog! Being part of a blog will be the first of many new experiences for me.

So I suppose a little introduction is in order before we begin. My name is Katie. I'm a fairly new ICU RN with 2 years of experience. I have an avid love of adventure in all of its many forms. My dream job and interests growing up were archaeology with a side of sociology with a pinch of psychology, but alas I became an RN instead! When people ask me now if I feel I made the right career decision I would definitely say yes. If those same people would have asked me 3-4 years ago when I was in nursing school my answer probably would have been different. Despite being broke, burned out, and having very little resources (and time) at my disposal, my dreams of traveling and discovering the world, its cultures and its facets,  persisted and grew. Two mission trips during college, one to New Orleans and another to Honduras, just made this desire grow. Luckily I met a fellow ponderer in arms in my nursing classes named Jenae Martin, now Jenae Lockhart. Instead of going out and spending our money that barely existed at the bars, we spent our crazy college days having marathon discussions about the world over a cheap bottle of wine and dinner in our tiny 2 room apartment. And so a friend was made.

Our last year of nursing school, Jenae and I talked about how being a travel nurse would be a dream job. A job where you could make money and have someone else pay your living expenses as you travel the world? It sounded like it would almost make nursing school worth it! As Jenae got married that year we discussed doing a 3 month assignment internationally together. After we returned to the states Jenae would go back home  and I was planning on continuing traveling in the states. Sometimes though, life does give you the best of both worlds and we discovered Drew wanted in on this traveling adventure! And so a year after we graduated, another year of planning began. After deciding that California was our ultimate goal, we decided that staying on the east coast for our first assignment would be an easier transition. So to one of my favorite cities on the east Boston we go! After a few nail biting interviews and negotiating between two recruiters Jenae and I both landed jobs in the same hospital just outside of Boston! And the rest as they history. Or in this case, the beginning of a lifetime full of a wide variety of experiences.

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